Hemp Rope explores the relationship between people, regardless of gender or age, whether it is your relatives, lovers, or friends.

When someone accidentally leaves a significant footprint in your life, both of you build a solid emotional basis step by step under the premise that one side plays the dominant role in the relationship and both sides know each other well enough. After a period of negotiation and discussion, the behavior and the way of thinking of them will highly overlap and gradually evolve into ‘one individuality’. This is an unhealthy stage in an intimate relationship, as one of them has become submissive to the other. Perhaps the worst thing is brainwashed in the name of love, and the weaker person is subconsciously reshaping values in the same way as the stronger person. And most of the time we cannot grasp properly the sense of space in the intimate relationship, while only knowing how to embrace and love. Beneath this abnormal stage, the separation unfolds along with the awakening of another's self-consciousness.

In this work, there are two people who are dressed in genderless clothes and use body movements to show the process from extreme intimacy to gradual separation. Even though the separation is accompanied by huge pain, it is also an effort that looks for a more equal partnership, because we have to be independent individuals before we love others. In the picture, a hemp rope means the fetters and bondage between the two sides, and it is also the ‘factor’ given by another person who remains in our lives that affects the composition of the ego.